1&1My Website Website Builder Review

1 & 1 MyWebsite Website Builder Review

The Company

European based with servers in Germany and the USA, ,1 & 1 has a reputation for offering a quality product that is easy to use and aimed squarely at the business user. 

1& 1 MyWebsite Builder 

Main Pros:

  1. Easy to use

Due to the way their system is setup, you can be editing a website in minutes and – it is very, very easy to use.

  1. Masses of industry specific templates

1&1 specialize in industry specific site with 120+ industries covered and 140 different layouts available.

  1. SEO friendly

Search engine optimized images and pages  plus  a built SEO tool to help choose keywords to target

 Main Cons:

  1. Masses of text pre-added which has been used all over the ‘net. Only an issue if you plan on seeking search engine traffic.

 The 1 & 1 MyWebsite Builder is based on drag and drop “elements,” that can be edited and moved at will. The photo editor is very good, allowing on-the-fly cropping and contrast control without needing an external editor and the text editor is as simple as it needs to be. The text editor is non-intuitive, but works fine although you are limited to the pre chosen font. If you want to stick with everything as standard, this is the editor for you.

There are plenty of industry-specific templates and multiple options within the industry, but they are generally themed the same way, so the choice appears larger than it actually is. Many of the themes are not responsive, so be sure and check if the one you like the look of is if you want a responsive theme. If you want to get your hands dirty with some CSS, this is also possible.

This really is perhaps the most simple website editor, which means you have limited options, but the overall design of the templates is such that this is a good thing. Too much choice can be distracting.

1 & 1 MyWebsite Builder

1 & 1 MyWebsite Builder

 I like the image editor and the fact that you can add “Alternative text,” which is what the search engines use to identify images they serve up to searchers. If you are hoping to attract search engine traffic, this is s positive point.
Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 5.30.37 PM

1& 1 MyWebsite Image Editor

The text editor is simple with not too many bells and whistles but the ability to add links easily, and work in plain text mode is welcome.

1 & 1 MyWebsite Text Editor

1 & 1 MyWebsite Text Editor

Adding pages is a snap, but they are limited functionality. Don’t expect to be able to add a full featured estate agent listing setup for example. If you are a small business looking for a permanent online presence without adding masses of content regularly, this is a great choice.

Social networking is easily integrated with a built in social media manager allowing you to schedule posts and even populate a new facebook page with your details. With more and more businesses looking to facebook for traffic and engagement, this is a very useful option.

Adding pages with the 1 & 1 MyWebsite Editor

Adding pages with the 1 & 1 MyWebsite Editor

As a photographer, a fast and reliable website is an essential part of marketing a promotion. My goal is to spend as much time as I can working and making money and little time working with technical errors and hosting issues, 1&1 has made this easy for me.”

- Kristina Stinson ittybittyportraits.com


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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