123- reg Website Builder Review

123-reg Website Builder Review

The Company

123-reg is the British equivalent of US internet giant GoDaddy. They claim to have registered more than three million domain names and host more than 1.4 million websites making them the biggest domain provider in the UK.

They are also based in the UK, which is a definite plus if you are seeking UK search engine traffic, and are owned by the “Host Europe Group,” which is a major player in European hosting and domain registration. In other words – they will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

123 Reg Website Builder

Main Pros and Cons:

  1. Based in the UK If you are a UK company looking for search engine traffic from the UK, this is a definite plus. Having a UK IP address is a main step in telling the search engines where you are. Ease of use and speed
  2. The Editor is very easy to use and you will be up and running tout suite. Professional looking themes
  3. The themes are very well designed and completely customisable
  1. Somewhat deceptive selling approach. The price options are a little misleading before buying, but this has no effect on their product quality
  2. Two separate sites. The Mobile version must be built on their mobile platform
You are offered three options when it comes to buying  a package, and if you are setting up a site for business use, we recommend the “Business Mobile” package. With more and more users visiting websites from mobile devices it would be suicide to ignore this. 

123-reg Website Builder Review

123-reg Website Builder Review

Bear in mind that the 11.99 price quoted assumes you pay for three years up front and doesn’t include VAT.  So the price you will be charged will be 17.99 + VAT and the “free hosting” is only one year but you will be charged for two years.

Once you have logged in to your account and clicked into the website builder you are presented with over 200 professional looking templates to choose from. Most industries are covered, although a few such as carpentry have limited options, but most professionals are well covered.  Once you have chosen a theme, the website becomes editable.
Using the 123-reg website builder

Using the 123-reg website builder

Clicking on any widget opens up an editor  – in this case the text editor, where you have full control over the look of the text (although there are a limited amount of fonts depending on the theme):

123-reg website builder text editor

123-reg website builder text editor

Editing images is just as easy and the template is very simple to control with snap grid lines. There’s also a clever feature which pushes widgets down as you are editing another one above. So increasing the size of the text, for example, will move other widgets to automatically accommodate the increased size.

The entire theme is completely and easily customisable, so if you are really interested in making something different you can do so. In addition, the site builder is extremely intuitive to use. Uploading images and embedding video is simple and there are widgets for almost any occasion, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, PayPal and Flickr widgets. Building forms is also simple and fast. 

123-reg website builder  mobile site preview

123-reg website builder mobile site preview

The mobile version needs to be built separately and you can preview what the site will look like on most mobile devices.


We very much like the way this editor works and can certainly recommend it if you are looking for more control than some of the other website builders available. It is also very good for UK based businesses.The fact that you can edit each widget and create your own themes is a plus if you are interested in “getting your hands dirty,” without too many technical skills required. Any website builder comparison needs to include 123-reg, especially as it is UK based.

I was able to improve my IT skills and now have a website that looks extremely professional – I find that whenever I require support or help the staff are very supportive and helpful and can understand my very basic and confused IT knowledge.

- Sadia Nosheen, masoomah.co.uk.


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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