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Our Philosophy

It’s simple. Our visitor always comes first. The team at RealComparisons aims to provide useful, easy to digest information about Website Builders for business owners of all sizes and capabilities. From the sole trader or online newbie, to the larger e-commerce company, our easy to use comparison tools will help make your decision pain free.

Most importantly, we want to you, our users, to get involved and share your experiences of the website builders you’ve used. We want you to build on our initial intensive research, so that the product ratings really reflect what you, our users, actually think of all the website builders out there.

Meet Mark

Mark Knowles is a professional Internet marketing consultant and has been building websites, both for clients and his own enterprises for over ten years. He has used every single website builder (plus many more) reviewed on this site.

In his own words, “I have seen just about everything in my time; from the $50 wordpress startup to the hundreds of thousands of dollars corporate website design that was still in development two years down the road ending in a drawn out court case against the developers.

One thing is certain: life has become a whole lot easier for the small business owner since the introduction of ‘build it yourself,’ websites provided by high quality software developers. But. And this is a big but – all website builders are not created equal. My goal with Real Comparisons is to help the small business owner avoid the lemons and go straight to the quality fruit.”

Connect with Mark on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkPKnowles

My goal with Real Comparisons is to help the small business owner avoid the lemons and go straight to the quality fruit.

- Mark Knowles


Meet Susana

Back in 2008 I was inspired to start my first ever website. Like most people, I had no coding skills, so I used Homestead’s website builder. I remember how exciting that time was, how amazing it felt to have a part of me out there on the web and how proud I was of that website.

Since then I’ve created a couple of other sites, but mostly I’ve been loving helping other people develop their online businesses. I enjoyed that work so much it motivated me to bring the joy of owning a successful website to a wider audience and that’s how RealComparisons was born. I want everyone to get their own website and using a website builder can make that happen so easily.

Beyond putting on my Super Web Woman geeky cape, I’m absorbed with my husband and 3 amazing daughters. I love Spanish food, dog sledding in the arctic, cartwheels, a good bottle of vino tinto, and sci fi movies.

I want to bring the joy of owning and running a successful website to everyone that wants it.

- Susana Serer

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