BigCommerce User Reviews

BigCommerce User Reviews

There’s no doubt that BigCommerce’s ecommerce site builder is big on features, good on price and professionally SEO optimised, but do customers find it easy to use? Read our BigCommerce User Reviews to find out what they really think…

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Addyson – 5/2/14

BigCommerce has tons more features out of the box than some of the other e-commerce platforms out there, without need for custom coding. I would recommend BigCommerce over Volusion just based on customer service and expertise. Their software includes some great features, probably because of the background of the people behind this system.

I benefit from the abandoned cart recovery feature a lot. It makes it easier for customers to come back and get through the buying process easily. Their mobile app to manage your store is brilliant and I couldn’t manage without it. Another good tool is the discount code creator, which means you can segment your customers to see who bites with different campaigns. Genius!

The software is geared to expansion and suits both the small trader and the bigger store. Very reasonably priced and just really good customer service. So hats off to BigCommerce. 

John – 18/3/14

I was looking for an e-commerce website builder that has great themes, is not too expensive, and is flexible and able to integrate to other marketing tools e.g. email. Big Commerce allow you to produce a newsletter type email allied to your website. Big tick there. Also prices were reasonable and the software seems pretty flexible and up-scalable.

Karim – 12/4/14

BC delivers the whole package.
Our site is busy, selling stuff ,making money.
SEO is sorted, linking to google and social media. We can generate differentiated or niche customer lists for different email marketing campaigns, offering coupons to test different marketing strategies and track results.
This is more than just a showcase as we expected, it is making us more efficient. and better at what we do.

Said – 16/4/14

used the free trial to have a good “play” with the platform. decided i liked it better than the others i tried. got my website created and online in about a week – thought it would take a lot longer. have been impressed with customer support. no problems so far.

Catherine – 26/4/14

Hmmm… I am always a bit dubious when a company wants my contact details before giving something back… I went to check out their themes for the free option, but their policy is to insist on your email and a 15 day trial sign up… Perhaps they are only interested in attracting businesses who don’t care too much about their privacy? I just don’t think this smacks of ‘warm and friendly’ and makes me wonder what they have to hide. I do business with open and transparent businesses… They lost mine.

Jose – 13/5/14

The shipping options are naff. Found out too late that you can only ship from one address! Having to move my site to a different platform now. Not happy.

Emma – 22/5/14

TBH I found setting up an online shop very daunting. Choosing the platform is only the first step. But I think I did good choosing BigCommerce. All of the e-commerce functions I could need are there (plus more). Not only do you get some great templates to show your stock off, which is a basic, you get the ability to manage your inventory and sort financial operations and distribution details. Our customers and our team are able to track their orders and we know what is happening in the supply chain at any given moment if someone calls us.

Max – 1/6/14

It was really hard to decide between Shopify and BigCommerce. There are a lot of similarities, but we came down on opting for BigCommerce on practical, management grounds. The system is so versatile and we are confident that the back office tools are going to help us take our business to where we want to go. The tracking tools areexcellent. The payment services and SEO are excellent too. We chose to use their Experts to really get the best from our website.

We figured that this is our shop-front to the world and as we were really expanding our horizons, the extra investment was worth it. Their support is just second to none. No regrets choosing this platform! We got some really great advice and without it, our site would probably not be as successful as it has been. The reviews speak for themselves.

Carole – 10/6/14

BigCommerce was not for me. I can see it’s positives, but because I am zero technically minded I found making even small changes overwhelming and was in tears so many times. Customer support did help all they could, but I just couldn’t get my head round it.

Charlie – 14/6/14

We have had an Ebay shop for a while, which now we can link to our website and manage everything in the one place is a Godsend. BigCommerce covers pretty much everything. The shop is so customer friendly and it’s really generating interest and sales, which in the end is what counts! The SEO has helped to get us out there and compete online, but we think that all the extra services are what really make the difference for our customers.

The amazing choices for our customers to make payment is truly phenomenal.

Roberta – 24/7/14

Transparancy with fees, great SEO plug ins, concientious security, great ‘concierge’ support, wish lists for users. We are updating our template sometime soon, because we signed up a few years ago and now feel we want a fresher look. Things have moved on with BigCommerce, but fantastic functionality for online shops has been consistent throughout the few years we have had our website, so we are sticking with them.

I could go on about a whole list of things that are great about BigCommerce, but suggest you just save wasted time and sign up with them if you are serious about taking good care of your customers, because these websites will take care of all aspects of your business which lets you get on with focusing on serving them. We have recommended BigCommerce to lots of other businesses.

Jamie – 11/8/14

Amazing piece of kit! The online store is really coming together. The whole journey of setting this site up has been really exciting. It’s a bit of a learning experience, but can see this is really going to make a huge difference to our income once we get to grips with the SEO. Not sure if we will use BigCommerce expertise or outsource or even do some of this ourselves. We have connected the site to our social media, so will probably just see what works, but we’re confident this is going to be the difference our business has needed.

Ronan – 5/9/14

We wanted to get the maximum help from start to finish and explored using BigCommerce experts…it got somewhat confusing as some of them seemed to charge very different fees for what seemed like similar services. This may be an over-simplification, but not being technically minded, I think Big Commerce need to standardize their support pricing system. Otherwise once we got set up, the fees have been worth it, given how much profit we have made in only six months. The site has helped us automate so many back office functions in terms of managing stock and accounts. Our site is connected up to all of our social media and customers wish lists really help us work out what people want, so we can target them with discount vouchers via our newsletters. The system is so well integrated in terms of daily operations and strategic planning and marketing. Great after support too. Big Commerce were the right choice all round.

George – 12/9/14

Loved Bigcomerce until they changed their pricing structure. It just doesn’t make sense for the small site owner. Costs me more per month now and sales haven’t been good. I need to bring in more sales to make it worth it.

Shazim – 13/9/14

Totally loving BC’s Apps. You can just do so much (tempting to do TOO much actually). No transaction fees is a massive plus too (on Gold package). Really don’t want to be given away my profits – no thank you – that’s one of the main reasons I chose BC.

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