Bigcommerce Website Builder Review

Bigcommerce Website Builder Review

The Company

Bigcommerce is another well-established player in the market with physical sites in the USA and Australia. Originally funded with investment by Revolution growth (owned by ex AOL execs), the company is aimed squarely at helping the smaller retailer compete with the giants such as Amazon. They currently claim 50,000+ stores with sales in excess of $2.7 billion. 

Bigcommerce website builder review

Bigcommerce website builder review

Main Pros and Cons:


  1. Extremely easy to use – The platform is launched within moments of signing up and getting published is very, very easy.
  2. Useful tools – includes many extra tools with their package, including a wide selection of payment processors from all the majors and a wide selectioin of add ons (see cons also)
  3. SEO ready – This site builder is good to go with plenty of SEO features and a built in blog


  1. Limited support – 2 hours quoted response time using Twitter or Facebook, 12-24 hours via email
  2. Too many add ons – Although there is a large range of additional features, these can be somewhat confusing – this is worth taking the time to learn we feel and not a major con.
  3. Confusion with mobile/responsive themes – They offer two mobile ready themes, one of which needs a separate mobile template to be installed. If you think you will be doing a lot of mobile (almost everyone) look at the “responsive” themes for ease of use. Many of these are “premium” with an extra one off charge. 

Overall, we can highly recommend this and like many premium providers Bigcommerce offers a decent length free trial before making a commitment. We suggest taking advantage of this in order to test your compatibility with their system. Even sign up with 2 or 3 systems to try them out first. Once again, the “middle,” option at $79 per month is probably the one you will end up buying. They also offer a great selection of training videos.

They have an excellent selection of premium themes which are well priced considering the design quality.

Bigcommerce premium themes

Bigcommerce premium themes

Adding products is as easy as you would expect and there is the ability to add your own images or embed YouTube videos as well. Google shopping is also integrated. There is also a built in image editor which oddly has Google adsense advertisements on the interface.

The large range of add ons should satisfy just about every one and they offer 60 different payment processors so the chances are that if you already have your own they will be able to integrate it with their system.

There is Social network integration baked in and after looking through the add on apps, we would be hard pushed to find anything missing. Highly recommended. 

In two years, we’ve seen a 150% increase in online sales. We had a big vision, and Bigcommerce has not only supported us, they’ve grown with us.

- Kirsten Dickerson,


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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