GoDaddy Website Builder User Reviews

GoDaddy Website Builder User Reviews

We’ve seen mixed reviews about GoDaddy’s website builder over the last few years. Version 6 seemed to get the most negative comments. But unlike many other companies GoDaddy listened and they have now completely re-written the site builder software. What do users think about it? Read the reviews to find out…

10+ 5+

Denise – 22/2/14

I have a WordPress site which has served me well for a good few years until it was hacked; which was not GoDaddy’s fault, but my own : ( In fact I never have had any problem with them – quite the opposite. I am a huge fan of their services.
They are really well informed, professional, helpful and friendly.
Their templates are pretty cool, with lots of flexibility built in and easy to use.
The ‘buttons’ option for getting customers to take action is excellent!
We are building in surveys, forms and sharing options to get more interaction going with our customers and boost our viral capacity.
I recommend going for their business package, which has SEO tools – there’s no point having a website without this really!

Kamal – 28/2/14

Nice! I like it. We have small cleaning business and wanted just basic website. Godaddys site was so easy to make. Very, very good.

Steve – 26/2/14

Never had any problems with Go Daddy. They are simply the best web service providers out there. Finding your way around their website can seem a little overwhelming sometimes because of the depth of information and choices of features and services, but I have always got really good advice when I have called them and I was able to figure out a lot on my own too. The features on their website are excellent, which means my website has just got better and better. I love the fact that my customers can give me an onsite review for others to see. I can’t see myself ever using anyone else from now on. Highly recommended.

Domenico – 4/3/14

We have had so much downtime with my website, it’s outrageous and I wasn’t satisfied with what seemed like total ignorance on the part of their customer service representatives as to why this has happened on too many occasions. We will be moving hosting at the end of our contract which thankfully ends soon! Shame… This could be a great piece of software, but the downtime outweighs all the positives. They need to sort this out. They must lose a lot of custom with downtime problems.

Stephanie – 15/5/14

I decided after a lot of time spent comparing options that I would go with Go Daddy even though they cost a little more (well more than free anyway lol). I have no complaints. Their customer service was excellent when I needed it. My website is great and I found it a pleasure putting it together.

For the most part, its pretty intuitive and I was able to suss it all out. Lots of great features and there is a lot of information on how to get the best from their website builder online, so I have learned a lot and probably saved myself a lot of money that I had considered spending on an expensive web designer for my online store. I am glad I didn’t. I would recommend Go Daddy to anyone.

Cait – 23/5/14

Godaddy’s sitebuilder software is a total glitchfest. Even the simplest tasks turn out to be longwinded. Not fun.

Brendan – 26/6/14

GoDaddy simply rock! I don’t mind being upsold. These guys know what they are doing and have a great set up. This is my second website with them. Really cool features and five star customer service.

Ching – 28/6/14

I like my GoDaddy site and think the features are great. I have added forms, which was much easier than I expected. Customer service is really good if you need help with anything. The only thing I really don’t like is their aggressive sales tactics. They tried to offer building my site for me for a couple of thousand dollars, which really defeats the object of web building software to save money! On the plus side though, their range of templates was really good and they are pretty flexible. There are some great tools and apps. I did upgrade to the Business package, because SEO and a business email is important to us. I don’t see the point of going for the cheaper options which don’t have this if you are a business who wants to look professional.

Brynn – 12/7/14

Simply great service. I cannot fault them. I have had my site for three years now and went from a basic package up to Business to get more memory space and SEO options. Their staff are really helpful and they have been improving the system over time. Now the website has loads of fantastic features I have not seen elsewhere, like having a professional looking business email, SEO and the review system option. They are really good value for money and truly professional. I am a big fan!

David – 17/7/14

Really impressed actually! Only wanted to knock up something quick so we’d have a “presence” online and a way for new customers to contact us. Ended up doing a bit more with the site and it’s looking good. Nice one GoDaddy :)

Malcolm – 19/7/14

Had problems with Godaddy’s newest sitebuilder version. I built my site about 2 years ago and the formatting all went screwy when we went to the new one. Gave up in the end and got a self hosted wordpress site. Bit more expensive but at least I have total control over it.

Padma – 3/8/14

What is all the raving about? I have had downtime and technical problems with my site far too often and I am not happy about having lost customers as a result. I have contacted their teams who are not always as helpful as they could be and once I could only contact them via email, rather than speaking to someone. As this was pretty technical, this was really frustrating.

Although to be fair one or two have been very apologetic, they do not seem to have satisfactory answers as to whether this could happen again. Apologies seem a bit hollow when this happens three to four times in a year! For the prices they charge, they are a rip off! I am looking to transfer my site to another website builder in a few months.

Theresa – 8/8/14

I have been with GD for hosting for several years and have never had any real problems until I paid for their website template. There seem to be problems with their tabs and looking for solutions around the net, it seems I am not the only one. GD did eventually sort this out, but they took a couple of days to do this. I am not sure whether this is just a temporary problem that they are working to sort out once and for all. I hope so, because I just cannot help thinking that now they have my money, they are just like any other company who is too big to care! My loyalty is wearing off a little…

Samantha – 14/8/14

Can’t go wrong really. Cheap hosting. Reliable servers. Simple site builder. Perfect!

Barclay – 16/8/14

I love my GoDaddy online store. These guys blow the other business website builders out of the water. Lots of flexibility with cool apps means you can continuously improve the look and feel of your site and it grows with you. Great mobile app and other cool apps to really give a professional finish. Their pricing is really reasonable, even for the business sites and well worth every dollar, with the SEO options. This software more than pays for itself. My only gripe is some hard selling from some of their staff sometimes, but I have to admit they are also really well-informed and helpful too.

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