Shopify User Reviews

Shopify User Reviews

Shopify came out on top for us when we road tested all the online ecommerce website builders. Do other users agree or disagree with our findings? Learn all there is to know about Shopify’s website builder from our real user reviews…

9+ 4+

Ilona – 9/1/14

This is solid ecommerce site building software.
Nice clean CMS, great looking templates, made for conversion.
A good choice for those starting out and without the funds for a full on custom built site.

Elizabeth – 17/1/14

I really don’t like the transaction fee model. I know you can avoid paying it if you only use Shopify’s payment gateway but I would definitely prefer to have a fixed monthly fee (even if it was a bit higher). Not for me.

Ozzie- 18/2/14

I run a small business and am a sole trader. I had read some good reviews about Shopify and checked out their pricing before signing up. I’ve had my website for a few months now and in this short time, I have spent a lot more with them than I had anticipated. To get a full featured ecommerce shop going, I don’t think Shopify advertising tells the whole story with their advertised on price. There seems to be lots of stuff that you can get with other platforms that are ‘premium’ options here. Of course, the nicer templates are all at a premium too. I cannot help wondering if I had have outsourced to a Freelancer if I could have saved myself time as well as money. Buyer beware comes to mind.

Beverley – 18/2/14

Shopify is a really great system, with lots of options if you are prepared to pay, but on the whole I don’t think they are versatile enough or adaptable. I’d expect more for my money, I’m afraid. I have asked for some extra features and am sticking with them for the time being for convenience, but I’m not convinced I will be staying with them longer term as my business grows.

Shae – 25/3/14

I love our Shopify website. We went for premium options because we wanted versatility to really show off the business. We got exactly what we need. Our site is beautiful and flexible. I can target particular sections of my customers with promotional discount codes to test new products out or reward loyalty, which is great because we are growing fast. I am so pleased with the fact that our customers can come back to a shopping cart they have loaded on a previous visit and carry on where they left off. It drives me nuts when some sites don’t have this as a buyer. I have also been really happy with the support I have got. Shopify do more than some other services out there. Having phone support, live chat, or email makes getting help so much easier. Their staff are knowledgeable and really professional. Great services all round. We’re happy customers!

Sharon- 4/4/14

Our Shopify site is fantastic. The range of themes are good. I am very proud of the site now it’s up :D It wasn’t difficult to set up, even if a little time consuming, but the effort has all been worth it. It looks great and our customers are responding really well with sales coming in steadily. We have learnt more about our own business in the process of thinking about how we want to project ourselves online. It’s been a really positive experience. The statistics reports have given us some great feedback on what our customers like to see and this has already made the difference in how we do business.

Keeping it practical, I like the fact that we can manage the store on the move from a mobile phone, which really helps make the most of our time and stay on top of things. I am really impressed with the options and services with Shopify and would definitely recommend to other businesses.

Andy – 5/4/14

Feel that the fees side of things was not obvious when I signed up. I’ve only just discovered about the transaction fees! Spent ages on the site and now I’m not feeling at all happy. Maybe I should have read more when I got on the site.

Aleksander – 12/4/14

Shopify Experts mean that I could get that happy side inbetween building a custom website and making it myself. I know a little about HTML and am ok learning it and testing different codes so I did a bit. Their experts help when I got stuck with some coding. It has taken many weeks to get it where it is, but the results have been very ok for sure. Our online shop it looks good. I like I can change code – a real bonus!

We have spend more than we originally planned for all the little extras, but we want to do our site and business properly. The future it looks good and we are pleased with how it is all going.

Mahnoor – 29/4/14

Totally great themes available – free and pay for. £150 tops, one off payment is fine by me, compare to what you can pay web designers! The site shows off what we have awesomely.

Shopify has some such good e-commerce management tools. I liked that this software has: managing inventory, setting prices, dealing with tax, shipping details, order tracking to customers and help them set up payment gateways. It saves time and no doubting it reduces abandonment of the shopping basket having payment services integrated, instead of being taken to an external payment agent.

This cost more, but transaction fees are waived if you use this option. They have thought of everything and this took a huge weight off our mind and let me to worry less about my list of things to work through. Nice job Shopify!

Laura – 27/5/14

FALSE ADVERTISING! Shame on you Shopify! It says 0% transaction fees but then if you click the little ? you’ll see they’re not zero at all. Hate companies that use these tactics.

Andrea – 11/6/14

I am really impressed with what we have been able to do with our site. Looks impressive and all the different support systems will really help us take our business up a few levels. It’s really good to have everything integrated for managing orders. Excellent software and I think we are still probably just scraping the surface. Very professional systems.

Daniel- 12/8/14

Cannot fault Shopify.
Our website has exceeded our expectations. It looks great and we have learned more about our customers this past year through having the support systems behind it than we have in the past five years.
Our profits have more than tripled in 18 months. We had one or two glitches through our own mistakes, but with their support staff are on hand all hours, we sorted out issues as soon as we noticed them. Their customer support is excellent.
We paid experts to set up our site, which was amazing value. Having access to experts who are close to home was reassuring, because you just feel they understand your business that bit better. Knowing our monthly costs is also really important. Shopify don’t have any nasty surprises from added apps. You know exactly where you are with them. Fantastic website, amazing service.

Eric – 1/9/14

I’d read about the unclear transaction fees on a few sites which made me wary about trusting them but they seem to have taken note and made it totally clear now. All the plans now show the % transaction fee taken which is definitely much better for new customers. I’ve not long signed up and I’ve been impressed with how easy it’s all been. Hopefully any transaction fees will be a mere drop in the ocean once we start getting sales!
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