Squarespace Website Builder Review

Squarespace Website Builder Review

The company

Squarespace was launched in 2004 and their mission is to provide creative tools with an emphasis on creative, because although they offer shop fronts and e-commerce solutions, it is fair to say that their primary target audience is amongst creative, such as photographers, artists and musicians etc. And what you look at their templates you can see why this company would appeal.

They claim to helped people to build millions of websites over the last 10 years, and judging from their portfolio it’s probably not an unrealistic claim. They have a solid reputation and 24/7 customer service. A 14 day free trial is available, and once again we recommend that you give them a free trial and see whether or not they are a good fit for your needs.

Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace Website Builder

Main pros and cons:


  1. Aesthetics - In my opinion, Squarespace offers one of the best looking websites in the business, with a massive range of very artistic and creative templates.
  2. Ease-of-use - Their Interface is extremely easy to use and even flat-out beginner should not have any problems building a site on  this platform. 
  3. Responsive templates with styling options – Squarespace’s templates are all responsive and there is a wide range of styling options available. Far more than most other companies.


  1. Too many options - One of the cons is actually the same as the pros – the fact that there is so many design options available might be a little intimidating to some people.
  2. Clunky e-commerce solutions – Although they offer a reasonable selection of e-commerce solutions, it seems to be an afterthought rather than a built in solution. The quality of the ecommerce templates is actually not bad, but I feel that there are better solutions available.
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Squarespace website builder templates

One of the most appealing features of the Squarespace website builder is definitely the large range of high quality templates.

Like many of these companies, they offer a range of products with the “most popular,” being the midpriced service which is currently $16 a month they offer a free custom domain within the yearly commitment. The midpriced version also allows you to sell up to 20 products, although it is worth bearing in mind that this service is only available in the US, the UK, Canada and Ireland.

One of the things we like about Squarespace is there 24/7 customer service, although this may not be an important consideration unless you are actually selling products over the weekend.

This company might also appeal to a small boutique business. Although they are little bit more expensive than some of the competition this is because they have invested considerable amount of time and money building fantastic looking templates and they’re definitely worth the extra.

Squarespace website builder pricing options

Squarespace website builder pricing options

If you are looking for a good-looking website that is easy to set up and you are in a creative niche, this is a good choice for you. As always, it is worth signing up for a  free trial account and giving them a test before you make your final decision.

In the world of website builders, Squarespace is one that is more suitable for blogging than others, and it can produce some really clean, nice-looking blogs.

- Cristin Burton – bigstockphoto.com.


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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