Volusion Website Builder Review

Volusion Website Builder Review

The Company

Volusion is a well established player in the ecommerce solution market with more than 40,000 stores built on their platform. They also have an ethical approach to business, giving their employees several days off a year to volunteer for worthy causes and offer free stores for life to deserving non-profits.

They have won numerous awards over the years and apart from offering a solid platform upon which to build an ecommerce store, they offer marketing advice and useful extra products to help make your store a success, including the ability to integrate Facebook, Amazon and eBay stores.

Volusion ecommerce solution

Main pros and cons:


  1. Ease of use - Volusion cater to the novice store builder with an extremely easy interface 
  2. Design - A  reasonable selection of free templates combines with a large selection of reasonably priced professional designs
  3. Support - From telephone support to marketing advice, Volusion offers all a would be ecommerce site should need
  4. Variety of options – There is a good variety of options to suit most small to medium sized busi8nesses with the “Pro” option allowing up to 10,000 products
  5. SEO ready - Volusion is SEO friendly and rich snippet ready
  1. High overage charges - Once you have selected a particular option any bandwidth used over and above the agreed limit is charged at a difficult-to-determine- per GB price
  2. .csv only imports – Bulk imports of multiple product must be .csv format only, which may be an issue if you are moving across from some other providers

Volusion is aimed squarely at the small to medium sized business looking for a simple to use ecommerce solution. The platform is extremely easy to use, adding products is a snap and there are a number of useful features baked in such as Facebook store creation and eBay and Amazon store integration, as well as rich snippets and other SEO friendly options.

Products can be added individually or via a .csv import. They offer 4 different options and for most businesses the “Pro” option will suffice, allowing up to 10,000 products and priced at £49 per month ex VAT. This is the option that allows eBay and Amazon store integration also.

Volusion website builder pricing

Volusion website builder pricing

The theme selector is easy to use, with a decent selection of free themes. Although I suspect most will opt for one of the (relatively well priced) paid themes.

Volusion theme selection

Volusion theme selection

After selecting a theme, then you can move on to editing it, adding a logo and building your categories and products, all of which are as easy as you might expect from an industry leader.

Some other nice features include the ability to offer a “deal of the day,” easily and batch upload multiple products to your database with a .csv file.

Adding products is easy:

Adding products

Adding products

Volusion’s payment processing gateway also offers a lower commission than Paypal – 2.17%   Overall, I think this is a great introduction to ecommerce selling without the rigmarole of building a site from scratch. They offer a complete package, including SSL certificates (which you will need in order to accept credit card payments), as well as marketing advice (impersonal) and limited back end analytics along with credit card fraud protection (extra), a mobile version of your site and a full on design service if needed.

The price of £49 per month is not unreasonable considering the level of service you receive. 24/7 customer service is always a welcome feature and when I signed up I was most impressed to be allotted a personal consultant who contacted me almost immediately.

Since starting our online store with Volusion and our company as a whole, we’ve had tremendous growth. After we launched the store, I was able to start working on it full time.

- Megan, yousmellsoap.com


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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