Webs.com User Reviews

Webs.com User Reviews

Without question, one thing Webs.com has going for it is its longevity. They’ve been around since 2001 and have powered over 55 million sites – that’s A LOT of customers with experience of using this platform to build their sites. What do they think of it? Read the user reviews below to discover if Webs.com is still a website builder worth considering…

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Alex – 18/1/14

Great tools. Flexible packages. I really like Webs software. I am a sole trader so pricing and keeping things simple is important and my website has already paid for itself over and over.

I got my domain and hosting as well as my website with Webs. I also didn’t want to struggle too much learning SEO, but knew it was important to rank on the search engines, so Webs SEO boosting tools are great if you are not very tech savvy.

I did get some help from their forum and from Webs staff and they were really helpful and patient. We had not had a website before, but our site looks really professional. We got our own domain name and branded email addresses with Webs, which isn’t available with some other website builders out there. The site looks really good and wasn’t too hard to figure out. Each page looks slightly different, but with a consistent website footer, this just really gives us some polish and makes it easier for customers to find out more about us.

High quality and well worth the cost!

Parvati – 25/1/14

Site is looking fine now after I’m working hard on it. Many hours hard, hard work. Did not know making a website was so hard work!

Ty – 21/2/14

um…well it’s not been the smoothest expeirience lol….loved webs to start with…then it mostly went downhill….reccamend people use a different site creater

Mo- 24/2/14

I was completely ignorant about online marketing until I built my Webs site. Webs have taken the hard work out with tools like SEO Booster. I have found their Stats information really helpful to help me learn about what my website visitors are doing when they come to my website. I now understadn how to keep people on the site longer and get more web traffic from this, so it has been really useful. It’s really helped me see where to focus our efforts. If you’re new to online marketing, Webs statistics give you all the information you need.

We are able to manage members who sign up with us easily and are now really zoning in on different niches. Their online resources have been pretty helpful with getting to grips with our marketing too. All in all, it’s been pretty pain free and much more do-able than I imagined.

Did I mention our website is great too? Not bad for two days work and occasional little tweaks since then! I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a professional website and is happy to learn how to improve their site.

Ricardo- 30/3/14

I am always impressed with any company that offers online live chat to get in touch, it means they care about their customers and I have nothing but good things to say about their support services. I know some things from having had another website in the past, but this time I wanted to make sure I was getting things right for our users. I got some help with using the statistics to make improvements to the site and think we have a great website now. Their system is really user friendly so we were set up in almost a day. The site looks really good and does our company justice. We are able to connect with our clients and customers via our forms and social media link ups and the calendar feature is also really useful. We have a professional email to match, which is really important for us, as this is an important way for us to stay in touch with customers. Good user safety too for our visitors. Top marks.

Will – 4/5/14

Simply fantastic website services. Great features which will really help us reach people and hopefully generate interest. Reasonable pricing. Love my site so far and looking forward to adding to it and getting out there to people. Thanks!

Sofia – 9/5/14

I signed up with the free Webs option originally, because their website builder software is so easy to use. I upgraded to get more features and flexibility. The video and photo galleries really make our site look pretty smooth – that goes for our mobile-optimized site too, which comes as part of the package.

You don’t have to learn anything technical for this, it is automatically created, which is great! I plan to build an online store with Webs sometime soon and am really excited about how little effort and cash is needed to get making some money on the net without it looking a bit trashy! For less than £10 a month, this is just a no-brainer! With all the tools available here, any business can really shine. Their customer service has been excellent. They really listen are well-informed and offer good advice. I would definitely recommend Webs for businesses getting started on the web.

Phil – 6/7/14

I’m not going to be popular here as everyone seems to like webs site creator. Personally I found it quite limited. There are much better options out there.

Laura – 11/8/14

We wanted to find a website builder that was not going to need loads of work on SEO or charge the earth for it. Unlike some other website builders, Webs had built in SEO and we also got our domain name and an email sorted with them. Creating the site was really easy with their drag and drop options. They have got some great features and they are good value for money.

Having a mobile accessible site as standard was a pleasant surprise. We are really pleased with the end result and hope to make the site even better once we get to grips with the analytics tools. We have found the Webs forum and their articles really useful too. All in all a great system for the price!

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