Weebly User Reviews

Weebly User Reviews

Weebly has become one of the most popular website builders on the market. Not only is the platform easy to use for the totally non-techy would-be webmaster, they also offer a very tempting unlimited free site option. Apart from these obvious positives what else do users like and dislike about Weebly? Read the user reviews below to find out…

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Michael- 7/3/14

I opted for a Weebly website, with BlueHost hosting. I wanted simplicity and I got it with really easy to use ‘drag and drop’ features. I know a bit about SEO, but they have some really good optimisation features built in with their Pro package.
Their sites are mobile accessible and hosting is free if you want it although I don’t want adverts on my site, which is why I paid for this (along with Blue Host, who have 24/7 phone, email and LiveChat support.) I am well chuffed with my website which only took me a week to get sorted. It has already generated some sales and I fully expect that once SEO kicks in, it will get better and better.

Abi- 26/4/14

Weebly’s website building system is really easy to use and made building my new site a breeze. This was exactly what I was looking for after having an HTML site. I had my own domain name, so was not bothered about this not being an option. Their ‘Business’ package for $25 is ideal for my new online store. I expected to pay more for having so many products listed, so an unlimited amount was a pleasant surprise.

I love the coupon code feature, which we will use a lot as we are signed up to a few discount websites. Drag and drop made adding forms really simple, so our clients can give us detailed specifications for some products. Love the add a button function – I added a few to give different ways for customers to get more from my site.

I couldn’t be happier. I think Weebly do a great job for their customers. Highly recommend this package for any business!

Lizzy – 18/6/14

Whoopee! Soooo EASY! I did not mind putting up with Weebly advertising on my site until I upgraded. I got a lot out of even having a free site, so fair’s fair.
I have now upgraded and I never imagined my business could look so fantastic.
I’ve linked into my social media and can see my rankings getting better all the time.
I like the fact that I can see what is happening with visitors via their reports, which is helping me improve the site to get the most from it.
If you are just starting out with a website, Weebly make everything really simple. You will have to learn and take time to review your website a bit and tweak every now and then, but it is well worth it. It isn’t rocket science – or if it is, then Weebly are very clever at making it easy.

Gang – 4/7/14

Weebly are just one of the best website platforms out there. Easy to use, fast set up, cheap as chips, but versatile with it. Their sites can look great. I am really happy with what mine can do and am excited about where I will be with it this time next year. Big gold star from me.

Ronnie – 8/7/14

Thought I was getting a free site, but when I moved my existing site over they said I had to pay. Not impressed.

Adam- 31/7/14

Their Pro plan is just a few quid per month and for such a reasonable fee includes some fabulous features for website visitors like site search. This is a really useful feature for our business because it helps our clients find what they need faster. Our header slideshow looks great, and in time, we intend to use their video option.

Meantime having audio players has been really great to get our messages out to more people via social media links. I am starting to look at using surveys on the site now, and am looking forward to what happens with these. Well worth the money and I’m excited about the hits my site is already getting. I’m thinking of upgrading again this year. Really good value for money. Keep up the great work Weebly!

Tamir – 2/8/14

This is exactly what I hoped to find with a website builder and is everything it should be. There’s no learning curve with Weebly, I just got stuck in. I had my website up and running in no time and with very little help needed from Weebly people (who are very nice!)

I was really chuffed that you automatically get a smart phone site too. Lots of great features and easy to put together.

We are learning to use the Analytics and think we will probably be improving the site with what we have seen from this already. Really impressive software for the price. I would recommend Weebly to other busy business owners.

Anika – 5/8/14

Weebly have some really flexible templates and being able to access the source code for further customization has really helped my website be what I wanted it to be. Lots of great user interaction with the search facility, the call to action buttons and menus. My smartphone-friendly website looks really slick, which I am very pleased with, as I was being charged extra for this by another service. Adding videos and banner ads have just polished off the whole look and feel of the site. Amazing results. Discount codes to be applied today and am good to go. Weebly is a great way to get rolling online.

Sara – 17/8/14

Weebly are just brilliant at what they do. Look no further! Seriously!

Rose-Marie – 18/8/14

I love my Weebly website. It’s been going for a few years now and I have gradually added new options and features to improve the look and feel of my site. It’s a great web building software, so easy and loads of really great apps. My only gripes are that I cannot link it to an email account for sending newsletters… Please, Mr and Mrs Weebly, can we have this sometime soon?

Aleksio – 1/9/14

My webstore took a while to get set up, but I didn’t mind, because Weebly is so easy to set up with and I didn’t feel like I was being pushed with hard sell sales people. It’s a great system and really versatile. The images and product demo videos work really well.
It’s amazing, given how straightforward the system is, how fantastic our site now looks. Good search facilities and am pleased with customer protection with the SSL stuff.
I was a little worried about setting up a contact form, as a non-techy who had struggled with one of these with another website provider, but this was yet another pleasant surprise.
The whole system is geared to making website set up easy and fast.

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