Wix Website Builder Review

Wix Website Builder Review

The Company

Wix is another established player, offering a “cloud based web development platform,” which is a bit of a misnomer, because all cloud platforms are based somewhere. Having said that, their product is very well respected and they claim “millions of users.” I see no reason to doubt that claim. 

Wix website builder review

Wix website builder review

They take a somewhat different approach than most other companies in that they offer free websites but you then have to pay to remove their advertising., which means you can actually get a free site if you choose. Not recommended for a business site, but a great way to try them out for free.

Wix website builder pricing

Wix website builder pricing

Main pros and cons:


  1. Templates – Their range of templates are exemplary and easily customized should you feel the creative urge to do so.
  2. Easy to use interface - Wix has arguably the easiest interface on the market and every thing is drag and drop as we have all become accustomed to.


  1. Advertisements – They’re plastered all over the free version, but – let’s be honest – if you want a free site there are plenty of other options.
  2. Templates are unique - Once you have chosen a template, you are stuck with it unless you want to rebuild from scratch

The main selling points easily outweigh the cons and Wix is very easy on the eyes and easy to use. Not really suitable for ec0mmerce, but the range of ready-made templates will be suitable for many small businesses.  If you are a business, you will almost certainly want to buy one of their premium plans. If you are a personal user, I suggest that the limited templates will put you off.

This is a really good solution for most creative industries not direct sellers. Photographers will do particularly well here as well as designers and anyone in the hospitality business. Other businesses are perhaps not so well covered, but all templates are free.


Wix’ support is second to none, their interface is extremely easy to use and you will be up and running with a good-looking site within a few hours. Definitely one of the better-looking options available and will produce a site that looks far more expensive than it actually was.

Two things to be sure on – one, choose your template carefully because you are stuck with it and two, if you are seeking search engine traffic don’t build yourself a flash site.

My website is my storefront, so my products need to look as good as they taste!

- Juliana Penna, pecaditos.com.br.


Review by Mark Knowles Last Updated 6th May 2014

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